Rosarito's Tamales

900 Cherry St. by ABC Market
(530) 891-6097
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Rosarito's Tamales is an establishment dedicated to serving up tamales of several kinds, including veggie (includes chilies and cheese), pork, chicken, and a specialty: sweet pineapple. They're a regular vendor at the Farmer's Markets in Chico. You can order whole batches of them, or just stop by their colorful restaurant and pick up a couple of hot tamales for a quick and tasty dinner. They're $1.50 each. Rosarito's Tamales also sells breakfast burritos and homemade salsa.


2009-03-02 11:33:57   is there such a thing as ""Rosaritos hot dogs" ? —

2009-03-02 20:38:09   I've never heard of such a thing. —RyanMikulovsky

2009-12-28 16:50:33   Dude, these are best tamales your ever going to taste. I would know. (: —

2011-01-23 20:29:25   Does anybody know if this is an offspring of the tamale shop that was in Chico (near the main square) in the early 80s? When I went to CSUchico back then, it was a small Mom and Pop store with one table and served HUGE tamales and taquitos.....people were lined up down the street to get the food. It was WONDERFUL! If it is the same place, please post pictures of the tamales on the internet.....thanks. —