1075 E 20th St.
T-Th: 11am-9pm; F-Sat: 11am-10pmSun: 11am-9pm; closed Mondays
(530) 345-2739
Ken Grossman
1979 (Brewery), 1989 (Restaurant)
Payment Method
Cash, Credit

The Sierra Nevada Taproom & Restaurant is American cuisine to the core with culinary flare at the Sierra Nevada Brewery. The restaurant is located on the brewery site in South Chico.

Sierra Nevada is a great place for reasonable priced, high quality cuisine. Their beef comes from their own locally raised herd, which is partially fed by spent grains from the brewing process. The menu is always changing, which means repeat visits are not a problem. Great beer too.


2009-06-07 17:15:21   Damn good lentil burger! Also, pretty good Portobello burger too. Thinly sliced, marinated, cheesy. Vegetarians can certainly get satisfied here. —RyanMikulovsky

2010-01-25 22:26:21   For such an amazing chico company, this wikipage is pretty bare! This restaurant and brewery are both such cornerstones to Chico, the food is AMAZING (I like to sub in the sierra salad whenever possible, better than the fries) and the beer is world renown! I love bragging that I'm from Chico when I see sierra beer in other countries (i.e. England and France). —JoanneB

2010-07-18 00:14:25   This place surprised me — the food was quite good, and so was the beer! —ChiaraBrown