2290 Esplanade
near Italian Cottage
Breakfast 7:00am-2:00pm Daily
Danielle Ius
1999, Oct
Payment Method
Cash and Check

Sin of Cortez is a restaurant located in Central Chico. They serve breakfast from 7:00am-2:00pm and lunch from 11:00am-2:00pm. The restaurant is known for their breakfasts, but has a great lunch menu as well. Sin of Cortez has an extensive breakfast menu with all organic food and it is not hard to tell it is fresh. The Sin Mimosas are said to be great, but their coffee is supposedly to die for. The dinner menu is delicious and unlike any other dinner menu in Chico. The restaurant is also very vegan friendly. Finally, there seems to be more talent besides the obvious mad chef skills coming from the kitchen. For example, their Strawberry Granola Pancakes dish once came with Japanese writing in strawberry puree on the plate's edges. The wait staff appears to be generally kind and upbeat.

Sin of Cortez was awarded the Chico News & Review's Best of Chico award in 2007 for "Best Breakfast Place" and has placed in the top three in that category for several years previous.

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2009-07-08 22:34:49   Mmmm, went for lunch, had their burrito, and my friend had the nachos. Very, very good. Fresh, delicious, authentic flavors and good quality. Service was good. Large portions. They didn't have a soda fountain which disappointed my friend who wanted refills; the coke was in a can. We will be back for breakfast. They are open 365 days a year. —Maycat

2010-07-18 00:07:20   We come here for breakfast on a regular basis and it never disappoints. Good food, interesting menu, delish coffee and nice folks serving. —ChiaraBrown

2011-03-18 17:13:36   I used to live in chico & must say this is one of my favorites. You will not find better coffee & their breakfast is incredibly good. —

2011-07-24 12:26:37   Do not be fooled by the positive reviews written about this restaurant. The service is sub par, management is never onsite, and Sin of Cortez's response to complaints is non-existent. The Butte County Environmental Health needs to conduct a full investigation into the sanitization practices of this restaurant. Left over food scraps from patrons sit just adjacent to the waiting area of this restaurant. While I was there, I witnessed staff dropping plates into this disposal area causing left over food to splatter all over the walls, floors, and even the patrons themselves. I watched 3 such patrons angrily leave the restaurant before being seated after being covered with food splatter. To make things worse, the staff made no effort to apologize to these customers or make amends for their mistakes. I had to leave myself after catching the smell of the left overs that had splattered all over the patrons. One of the patrons had an open lidded coffee beverage into which some of the splatter fell. The hostess did not offer to replace the beverage even upon request. I was appalled at how these patrons were treated and with the sanitization of this restaurant, so I caution anybody that wishes to go there, THINK TWICE! —