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Chico's street system can be described as follows. The downtown area of Chico is located generally between Big Chico Creek and Little Chico Creek. The downtown has a street grid oriented 49.75° from the four cardinal directions. There are numbered streets and avenues, which generally run ENE-WSW. Blocks are usually addressed in hundreds corresponding to the numbered streets and avenues. While the ENE-WSW streets and avenues are numbered, Streets running NNW-SSE are generally named after trees. The part of the 'tree' streets that intersect California State University, Chico campus spell the word "CHICO" at Chestnut, Hazel, Ivy, Cherry, and Orange streets.

The main thoroughfare running NW-SE through the city is Business 99, known as The Esplanade, Main Street, and Park Avenue. The city streets are designated as "East" or "West" by their relation to this street.

There are numbered streets and avenues both of which flow east-west. This fact can cause some confusion. The Streets are situated south of the Chico State campus through downtown, while The Avenues are situated north of the Chico State campus through the Esplanade. There are no left turns permitted onto any odd numbered avenue from Esplanade, in either direction, with the exception of West Eleventh Avenue.

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