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Students are defined as people "formally engaged in learning" (or so the people at say). Chico has students involved in all sorts of educational pursuits, from elementary school through university studies and beyond. These students fall across all age groups and represent a wide variety of people throughout the community.

The term "students" is often used to generically refer to the young people in Chico who attend Chico State and/or Butte College. Locals are often heard speaking about the students and how they think these individuals affect the town. Some have good things to say about them, such as the boost they bring to the local economy and the culture they bring along from outside as they move to Chico. Others argue that they are a disruption to the town, citing only the negative aspects that they perceive about college students, such as drinking and partying. Whatever a person's stance regarding students, they do make up a significant part of the Chico population.

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