Second floor of Meriam Library has study rooms

There are plenty of study spots in Chico for those times when home is just too noisy or distracting for good solid studying. Luckily, there are places in Chico that are fairly quiet, spacious, and many have have plugs for laptops. For other ideas, see WiFi Hotspots, Night Life (places open late), Restaurants, and Cafes. Here are some proven ideas.


  • Lower Bidwell Park — on a warm day, this is a great idea. There are benches at One Mile though they're rather close to Sycamore Pool. It's best to find a tree and study a textbook. Along the pathways there are many benches and tables to spread out and study.
  • Big Chico Creek on Chico State — believe it or not, there are places to sit on the banks of the creek. In fact, you might be lucky and find a chair just waiting for a bookworm.


  • Meriam Library — second and third floors. Nearly every desk has a powerstrip. And it being a library, there are books! Bonus!
  • Chico Library — there's a nice reading lounge in the rear.


See also Cafes.

  • The Naked Lounge — in the rear is a relatively secluded area that may well be free of distractions. There are plugs at the base of the walls and wireless Internet. During Chico State's finals week they have in the past been open 24 hours! That's proof that they're very friendly to studying students.


There's a possibility that some restaurants don't mind their patrons hanging around after a meal to study. Here are those restaurants.

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