Sycamore Pool at Bidwell Park "Sycamore Pool","39.73557","-121.829839" is a swimming area located in One Mile Recreation Area of lower Bidwell Park. A portion of Big Chico Creek was cemented in order to create the pool. It is a popular swimming destination in the heat of the summer because of its central location and the fact that it is free. In addition, One Mile offers picnic and barbecue facilities and a large grassy area, making for a great combination for summertime gatherings with a safe place to cool off. The city has lifeguards on duty during the summer, from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend. Snacks are now available through the vendor "The Dog House" next to the restrooms at One Mile on the south side.

Even in the heat of summer, the water can be quite cold because it is not a standard swimming pool, but instead the creek is constantly flowing though it. There is a small dam that keeps the pool full even when the creek level may be getting lower, allowing for swimming all summer long. During the winter, the creek has been known to sometimes flood over the edge of the pool during heavy rains. In late 2007, the old wooden dam was replaced with an inflatable dam that makes operations safer and faster. There's also a fish ladder to ensure survival of salmon journeying to their spawning sites.

On New Year's Day, there is an annual Polar Bear Swim across Sycamore Pool for those enthusiastic enough to want to jump into the icy water on a January afternoon.

Sycamore Field is just east of the pool.

The new dam constructed at Sycamore Pool The Fish Ladder on the new dam