The Webs were a band in the late 70's and early 80's to capture the psychodelic music scene from Grateful Dead Concerts with an infusion of blues, country, and world music. By 1981 prior to graduation, this group packed the likes of Portuguese Hall, Melody Hall, and Chico Veterans Auditorium to name just a few. The years earlier were spent playing at local outdoor parties.

Original members and childhood friends from Marin County, Pete Harris on lead guitar, Andy Koblick on lead and rhythm guitar, and Jay Young on drums, were joined by John Vukelich, from Saratoga, on rhythym guitar. With Peter Padua on bass and Bob Brown on drums, both from San Francisco, this group created a local music sub-culture scene that for it's day was quite popular.

The double drumming machine was a quite impressive rhythym machine along with Padua's fluid bass playing supporting the guitars of Vukelich and Koblick as Harris would rip into Jerry Garcia inspired riffs.

The Webs were no strangers to improvisation following in the foot steps of the Dead's trademark style and many an evening was spent with audiences into the wee morning hours rocking and jamming.

Complete at times with liquid water light shows, the Webs contributed a great place for local music lover's of this scene to gather and get completely taken away for an evening.

Post Chico days, The Webs continued to play sporadically throughout the greater Bay Area. The 1990's saw a resurgence of the band, performing consistently in night clubs, private events and halls in the greater Bay Area.

Of note, guitarist Peter Harris went on to tour nationally with JGB (Jerry Garcia Band) for three years, replacing the late great Jerry Garcia.