Valero at First and Walnut Valero at First and Longfellow

Locations Phone
2233 Esplanade (530) 345-7901
1295 East Eighth Street (530) 345-7600
1350 East First Avenue (530)-342-6387
1504 Mangrove Ave (530) 891-6463
1199 Skyway (530) 894-7737
1013 West First Street (530) 894-2817
Payment Method

Valero is a franchise of gas stations with minimarts. They have a Valero card.

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2008-05-23 10:15:54   I don't recommend getting air from the Valero on West 1st St. You'll just end up bleeding air from the tire. There is not a proper attachment to secure the air gun to the tire valves. It's quite a trick adding air to tires. Fortunately more air goes in than out. The station attendant was in a rather apathetic mood but at least she kept pressing the button for me as I struggled to add air after fueling up. Oh, and the window washing water was very dirty and quite low. —RyanMikulovsky

2010-02-10 08:35:42   The 2140 Esplanade location is incorrect. The number is actually for a station in Magalia, way up the mountain from Chico. —