Chico has many vegan and vegetarian options for those in the community who do not eat meat or use any animal products. Check out the following restaurants if you are looking for a vegetarian or vegan meal.

Vegan Options

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines vegan as:

"a strict vegetarian who consumes no animal food or dairy products; also : one who abstains from using animal products (as leather)"

The following list is mostly comprised of information from VegChico, an informal group of Northern California vegans working to promote veganism in Chico and other Northern California towns.

For more information on vegan dining options, check out Chico Vegan Meetup, which has monthly dineouts and potlucks. Visit their website:

  • Aca Taco — Rice and beans are vegan. Seasoned tofu is served on Tuesday.
  • Bacio Catering — Their "Chico Rice Salad," "Quinoa & French Lentil Herb Salad," and "Super Slaw" are all vegan — they also have tasty beets.
  • Bustolini's Delicatessen — Italian style deli with vegan options; often their potato and macaroni salad are vegan. Ask for Vegenaise instead of mayonnaise.
  • Cafe Coda — Veggie scramble with tofu is vegan. Be sure to let your server know you want a vegan meal. Their jasmine rice is not vegan (use butter).
  • Chada Thai — Make sure to request no fish sauce, no oyster sauce.
  • Chico Natural Foods — Offers vegan deli sandiwches and more.
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill — Fresh ingredients. Vegan black beans; avoid pintos. Guacamole is vegan.
  • Chronic Tacos — Use chicken broth in their seasoned rice. Guacamole and beans are vegan. White rice is vegan.
  • Cocodine Thai — Make sure to request no fish sauce, no oyster sauce.
  • Grilla Bites — Vegan grilled sandwiches, organic salad bar. Tofu scramble. Meat-less meatloaf too.
  • Jamba Juice — Try the Protein Berry Pizzazz with soy protein; it's vegan.
  • Los Gordos — Vegan rice and beans.
  • Mountain Mike's — Vegan dough.
  • Papa Murphy's — Vegan dough.
  • Peeking Chinese Restaurant — Offers a large vegetarian and vegan menu with a variety of faux meat dishes.
  • Speedy Burrito — Offers a good vegetarian and vegan menu with seasoned potatoes and tofu as options. Seasoned rice is not vegan.
  • Sierra Nevada Brewery - Offers vegetarian options that can be veganized.
  • Sultan's Bistro — An assortment of Middle Eastern dishes; serves falafel. The seasoned rice has a dairy base.
  • Tacos de Acapulco — A number of vegetarian burritos can be ordered without cheese or sour cream.
  • Teaz Me — Rice bowl with ginger sauce is vegan.
  • Woodstock's Pizza — Vegan dough.
  • Scrambles — They have a few things that can be made vegan if you remove the "health spread" since it has mayo.

Unique Vegan Foods and Where to Get Them

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Late Night Vegan Eats

Vegetarian Options

Of course, by definition, the vegan options are also vegetarian. However, if your diet is not as strict as a vegan's, then check out these restaurants for meat-free meals. Note that these are not vegan because editors are not certain if any menu items have a complete and total lack of animal products (such as lard or ghee). Of course, chefs are often fond of proving their abilities by turning generally meaty meals into vegan masterpieces (one hopes!).