Chico Wiki is a community that strives to work together to create and compile everything about Chico, especially the little, enjoyable things. As with any community, the people are the driving force behind it. Here you will find some useful links and resources to help enhance the Chico Wiki community.

Why Should I Create an Account?

If you edit using a user name you will have an instant amount of credibility (especially with a Real Name) over anonymous users. That means your initial edits will be taken with far more than just a grain of salt by existing users. If you continue to edit using that user name in a dignified way, you'll quickly become respected and your input will be greatly valued. No decisions on this wiki are made unilaterally; consensus is key!

Furthermore, with a user account, other users can easily communicate with you on your profile. When that happens you'll see a Message indicator at the upper-right-hand corner of the website. You will also be able to communicate on other users' profiles and quickly submit events on the events board.

All of this helps to build a thriving wiki community! Create Account and Edit!

Tip — To make life easy, remember to click the "Remember me so I don't have to keep logging in" checkbox on your user settings page.

Managing and expanding the wiki

  • Site Organization is the central place for organization methods (such as finding pages that are linked but not created, pages that have no links to them, etc).
  • You also might want to check out our Wiki Guide and Help with Editing to learn the basics.


  • General Discussion - A place to discuss the general content of the wiki, your ideas, and anything else relevant to Chico Wiki.

Links of Interest