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2008-09-19 10:51:05   There's nothing here ... are we supposed to use this comment box or are we supposed to edit the page, for this page? I'll use the comment box because it says it will automatically thread it.

Anyway, I saw a post on a bulletin board here at Butte College about this wiki... I think I'll edit it a bit. —

  • Hi. Only use this if you have something to discuss about this wiki or wikis in general. Otherwise edit any page where you have something to add, fix, etc. Or create a new page by following a dashed link or searching for page name and if it doesn't exist, simply create it using the provided link. Welcome to the wiki! Be sure to pick up an account if you plan on sticking around. Cheers. —RyanMikulovsky
  • Oh, and the comments box is really meant for people to express their viewpoint about the subject of an article that might not necessarily be good content for the actual article. For example, when reviewing restaurants the comments box is best. Having comments like that at the bottom keeps articles clean. —RyanMikulovsky