Wiki Gnomes are users who focus on taking care of the wiki by handling the little things. See the Wiki Gnome Headquarters for more info on joining the Wiki Gnomes (hint: you may already be one!). See also Wiki Gnome on Ward's Wiki.

You too can be a wiki gnome! And if you should ever need a morale boost, see the Gnome Morale Improvement page (or simply go to add a cool new reference to the wiki!).

Gnome Tools

  • Recent Changes — Gnomes read other people's edits and watch for edit or revert wars.
  • Outgoing Links — Gnomes try to add links to pages that don't have any links to other pages on the wiki.
  • Orphaned Pages — Gnomes try to find places to link to a page that doesn't have any links to it.
  • Wanted Pages — Sometimes Gnomes will go looking for pages that are linked from other places that don't yet exist. Sometimes they unlink the links on the requesting pages, and other times they create the wanted page.
  • Owned Articles — Gnomes look for pages written in the first person and try to depersonalize.