One Cherry Street
@ West First Street and Orange
General Facility Hours
M-F 6am- 12midnight
Sat-Sun noon-8pm
Pool Hours
M-F 7am- 11pm
Sat-Sun noon-8pm
Climbing Gym Hours
M-F 3pm - 10pm
Sat noon-4pm (Sunday: Closed)

The Wildcat Recreation Center is a recreation and athletics center at Chico State. The center is a program of Associated Students, Chico.

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2008-12-05 21:04:16   I have to admit... this building won't win any contests in aesthetics. What's with the faux wood paneling? And then there are the windows that extend out from the main building, reminding me of pop-out trailers. Hmm. I think this might have been one of those designs that looked nice using 3D modeling but in practice just looks... bad. Stick to just brickwork! —RyanMikulovsky

2009-08-21 08:21:24   But have you been inside, Ryan? You can plug your iPod into the treadmills, and there's a 3 story climbing wall, elevated running track, huge swimming pool? —DavidStillman

2009-08-21 11:22:03   My comment was only about the exterior during construction. Aesthetically it may be a while before I can accept it as part of the landscape in the South Campus Neighborhood. Architecture is funny that way. Frank Lloyd Wright certainly had his critics but now he's widely celebrated. I'm just a transient critic of this building's exterior for the moment. I'm sure the interior is great — in fact... why isn't there any thing written on this page about it? :-) I'm not a student at Chico State and I assume only students who pay AS fees can enjoy those facilities. Cheers! —RyanMikulovsky

2009-08-21 14:15:49   Touché :P I'm headed there after work today, I'll bring my camera along and see if I can't get a fact sheet or something as well. —DavidStillman