Clarksville BCycle

Bikes available at Cumberland Riverwalk and Liberty Park


Twenty-four hours a day

Like file sharing, but with bikes.

“Clarksville BCycle is part of a challenge-based learning activity that Clarksville Academy juniors and seniors take part in every year. This past year, students identified a need for bicycles downtown to encourage healthy lifestyles,” Michelle Austin, of Clarksville Parks and Recreation, said. “The students put in a request for a grant to the Montgomery County Community Health Foundation, received the grant and saw it through completion with the installation of the bikes this January.”

Bike sharing is intended to function as a taxi ride with less fuel emission, while incorporating the recommended 60-minute daily dose of exercise.

Cruise through downtown Clarksville by picking up a bike at either of the locations.

“I absolutely love the BCycle addition to the Cumberland Riverwalk and Liberty Park. Liberty Park is my favorite place to go in Clarksville because I can simply have fun outside and the new bicycles add to that experience,” Sarah Eskildson, Clarksville native and Austin Peay State University student, said. “These bicycles are fun for all ages, a new hobby for kids, a neat date idea for couples (my favorite), and a new exercise for trainers.”

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

  1. Join: Get your B-card
  2. Ride: Up to 60 minutes per trip (Longer trips cost additional fees)
  3. Return: Wait until the green light blinks three quick times, and three hurried beeps follow to ensure the bike is safe and secure.
  4. Repeat: As many times as you would like.

“Although the bikes were just installed in the middle of winter, there has been quite a bit of usage. On the prettiest Saturday we had this month there were about 50 trips made on the bikes,” Austin said. “We are excited to track the usage this summer, and to be able to report the rates back to the Clarksville Academy students.”

Other helpful tips:

  • Membership is required. Memberships can be purchased at the kiosk on site or online.
  • Members must be 18 years or older. Riders age 15 and older are preferred.
  • The bike weighs 45 pounds for durability.
  • Helmets are not required, but are encouraged. Be sure to check with city codes for riders younger than 18.

 You can have a bike when you want it, and dock it when you don’t.

For more information, visit

Keep up with BCycle adventures on the Clarksville Parks and Recreational Department’s Twitter:

Download the BCycle App for free maps.