The Clarkville-Montgomery County Humane Society was originally chartered as an organization almost 30 years ago and went through the process of reorganization from 1997 to 1998. Charles Hand rented a building to the Humane Society for 7 years so they could conduct sheltering operations. The Clarksville Humane Society is not being funded by the city or the county, which resulted in the organization having to close their doors in 2003. The expenses they were paying were exceeding the amount of income they had. Without having a building to maintain, the organization was able to put all of their resources towards better serving the animals and people in the Clarksville area. 

The Humane Society partnered with Animal Control and Adoption Service in 2009 to help the shelter increase the number of animal adoptions and reduce the amount of animals that would need to be put to sleep. The partnership has increased animal adoptions by about 25%, but the shelter is still forced to put to sleep almost 80%, or almost 90 a week, of the animals at the shelter. 

The organization has purchased the building that is located at 940 Tennessee Avenue in Clarksville, TN. The building will be the home of Spay-Neuter Clarksville. The clinic's spay-neuture services will be available to all families regardless of their income and will also be available to residents and rescue groups in the surrounding counties.