King and Queen’s Bluff

919 Max Court

Clarksville, TN 37043


King and Queen's Bluff is a great place to look out over the Cumberland River and spend time outdoors with friends and family.

There are two distinct trails to hike, and hundreds of trees where visitors can hang an ENO hammock.


This is a special place in Clarksville because many people new to the city are unaware that it even exists - unless they are rock climbers.

The natural rock climbing walls are the main attraction and bring in visitors from all over Tennessee.  The walls range from a difficulty level of 5.3 to 5.13, with heights ranging 30 to 80 feet.

The Southeastern Climbers Coalition makes it their duty to keep it clean for all visitors.


“My favorite thing about King and Queen’s Bluff is that it gives me somewhere close to home where I can climb with my friends.” frequent climber, Sara Kluttz, said. “My friends, the challenging routes, and the sunshine keep me coming back for more.”

If you love a nice hike, grab a water bottle, your climbing gear, and hit the trails. Take a left at the bottom of the stairs and follow the trail until you reach the rock beach for a beautiful sunset view.

 Parking Information

  • Pull through the gates into the cul-de-sac at the top of the hill. If you are the last one out after dark, please close the gate so it does not remain open throughout the night.

 For more information, visit the Southeastern Climbers Coalition at,