The Roxy Regional Theatre is a very unique feature for the city of Clarksville. It is located at 100 Franklin Street in the downtown area. The Roxy Theatre features many plays and productions. Mary Poppins is the show that is currently playing with many different time options throughout the week. In the coming weeks, Happenin' at the Hollemans and Bash will be playing. Shows are open to the public and tickets or more information on each show can be found at Ticket prices vary for each play and can be purchased online or at the venue. 

The future of the Roxy Regional Theatre includes plans for a 36,000 square-foot Center For The Arts and Education.This center will include a 500 seat theatre, cafe, dressing rooms, dance and artist studios, and more. This will cost about $15 million to be built. A lot of money has been donated so far for this new project and donations can be made at the link at the bottom of the page at

The Roxy Regional Theatre