The Creemore Farmers' Market.

Lots of fine foodsOpen to all ages

Each Saturday (8.30-12.30) from May until Thanksgiving everyone is welcome at the Creemore Farmers' Market (CFM), started and run by independent LOCAL producers and artisans. Right off Mill Street behind the "Station" is where you'll find us.

Make it a day out - Come to the market for fresh locally grown produce and hand made crafts then stroll through our historic town, enjoy a coffee or sample the beer at the Creemore Springs brewery. Many of our local businesses (Norma's and the 100 Mile Store for example) started at the CFM and have grown to become full-time services in Creemore.

Come talk to the people who planted and nurtured the produce that's available so that you can know where your food came from and how its was grown.