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Welcome to the new LocalWiki for Cocke County!

Summary: Cocke County LocalWiki is a compendium of localized and useful information, written and kept up to date by it's Readers, the Citizens of Cocke County.

Citizens of Cocke County are waking up to the opportunities presented by universal hi-speed Internet and are demanding low cost connectivity for every holler. This Wiki will represent a central island to find everything you need to know to live comfortably and prosperously in Cocke County. This includes reviews of local businesses and local government. History, geography, politics, economy, and religion. Essays, about, and by, local notables. Local recipes, and home remedies. How-to articles. Visions of the Future. This is a free Wiki, written by you, the Users, and has no affiliation to any group or organization. Our sole reason for existence is to provide a timely platform where the people of Cocke County Tennessee can find what they need to know, including things they didn't know that they need to know. Cocke County LocalWiki is constantly soliciting new volunteers to fill in missing information, or correct falsehoods. You can ensure the success of this project by taking part in it.

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