What do you know about The Social Narrative?

Just a ten dollar phrase for the stories that people tell. About themselves, and their neighbors. 

Mountain Folk are justifiably proud of the narrative they have created over the generations, and with good reason, suspicious of stories coming from outside the region. Not so long ago the Ku Klux Klan decided to hold a rally in Newport, on the Courthouse steps. This even hit the national news, but I noticed something odd about the stories. You see most of them stopped at saying Newport had a Black Mayor and the KKK had chosen this place because they felt they strong support in the area. But I was there and what I saw was about 10 Kluxers from out of town, and maybe 100 locals there to shout them down. Thus, in the national memory we are remembered as the town that had a Klan Rally, not the people who gathered overwhelmingly to tell racists their message was unacceptable. And so it goes. This page is intended to provide a place to share our stories. Where outsiders can come to learn our true character.