Forget about it. Faulkner County is dry.

Some residents of Conway are planning to begin a Wet Faulkner County initiative which will require around 23,000 signatures by voters registered in Faulkner County to get the issue on the ballot for a vote. 

Every movement needs a song. This is one to Wet Faulkner County (Get Wet).

Alcohol, my permanent accessory Alcohol, a party-time necessity Alcohol, alternative to feeling like yourself Oh Alcohol, I still drink to your health "Alcohol" by The Barenaked Ladies

Alcohol is in beer, wine and liquor, and often just refers to those beverages in general. It can be found in bars and retail locations. In the very distant past, it was found in saloons until banned by law. Up until the early 1940s it was possible to buy alcohol in Faulkner county. For more on this, see Town History.

Read on for the scope of tasty and/or intoxicating libations in Conway:

What Happens When You Drink

Alcohol: the solution to and cause of all of life's problems. Love it like your mother and blame it for your problems like you do your father.

  • What Alcohol Does To One's Health
  • Participate in certain religious ceremonies, like communion
  • Socially lubricate yourself
  • loosen up
  • impede REM sleep
  • May result in participating in a Walk of Shame
  • Due to the aforementioned consequences, don't drive or ride your bike, since doing so can result in a DUI or even a BUI (or far, far worse).

Places To Enjoy Alcohol

Sources For Alcohol


Drinking Holidays

Drinks and recipes

See also: Cocktails

Conway Favorite Beers

Add your favorite beer, so that others might venture forth from the depths of Natty Ice.

Alcohol Awareness and Health

What You Should Do If You Get In Trouble

If You Need Help With Alcohol Addiction

Closing remarks

If the glass is full drink up, drink up this may be the last time I see this cup. If God wanted us sober he'd knock the glass over so while its full we drink up. -Jason Webley, "The Drinking Song"

I need alcohol Because it opens my blood I need alcohol because it empties my head I need alcohol I need alcohol I need alcohol I need alcohol

— Swans, "Alcohol the Seed"

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy — Benjamin Franklin