Bicycling Tips

Visit the Bicycling Tips page ...

  • if you were several feet shorter when you last rode a bicycle.
  • if you've difficulty negotiating cars/trees/etc.
  • if you don't want your bicycle's owner to be someone else.
  • if you want to give up your car and become car-free
  • if you are new to Conway and don't know the difference between a sidewalk Side Walk, Bike Path and a Bike Lane.

Bicycle Shops

Visit the Bicycle Shops page ...

  • if you want to make the bike thieves drool by buying a shiny new bicycle.
  • if you want to find a used bicycle (without resorting to theft).
  • if you want to borrow a community-owned bicycle for a local trip.
  • if you need a wrench-wielding bike mechanic to convince your temperamental bicycle that, yes, it really does want to be a bicycle.
  • for budget alternatives to the expensive bike shops.

Bicycle Rides

Visit the Bicycle Rides page ...

  • if you want to get from Point A to Point B.
  • for bike maps of Conway and the surrounding area.
  • if you want to meander through the countryside surrounding Conway.

Bicycling Activities and Clubs

Visit the Bicycling Activities and Clubs page ...

  • for local cycling teams and groups.
  • for organized events (such as centuries, double centuries, criteriums, triathlons)
  • for other bike-related resources.

Bicycle Tire Pumps

Visit the Bicycle Tire Pumps page ...

  • to locate the nearest pump (compressor) for your bicycle's squishy tires.

Bicycle Advocacy

Public Bike Racks

  • Hendrix Village
  • Faulkner Library