A list of favorites where two can eat LOCALLY under $10 (no fast food please) . The items listed are simply examples or favorites of the editors posting.


these places may have vegetarian options, but those are not the budget items listed here. See individual pages for more info on vegetarian, vegan, or other options. Don't forget to post this info about places you go!

The Pupusaria - 2 people can each have 3 pupusas and the total is right around $10.

La Princesa - Tacos & Sopes are amongst the great choices that will fill you up and get you out the door on the budget. Plus it lets you taste a few different meats.


these places offer plenty of vegetarian options, or the posting editor is listing them here for specifically for the budget vegetarian items available.  Meat options are also available unless noted.

The Oriental Kitchen - Order a meal (almost any of them) and split it and you'll be under $10 no problems.  Sweat and Sour chicken is extremely filling. Comes with fried or steamed rice.  Lots of vegetarian options on the menu as well.