City Government

The main page of the city is

The main decision making body is the city council, composed of the mayor, and two aldermen from each ward. Roughly, the wards split east/west at Donaghey, and north/south at College.

Ward 3 (northwest) | Ward 2 (northeast) Ward 1 (southwest) | Ward 4 (southeast)

The city council generally meets Tuesday nights. In theory the meetings can be watched on ConwayCorp, but generally the sound is not good enough. Special meetings often take place before the main meeting.

All requests for placement on the Conway City Council Agenda (along with all written backup material) must be in the Mayor's Office no later than 12:00pm (noon) seven (7) days prior to the meeting.

City Boards

There are several city boards which are officially recognized by the city and report back to the city council


State Government


For the 2012 and later elections a new map has taken effect, which places most of Conway in districts 70 and 72 (see map). Before this Conway was mostly in districts 45 and 46.


Conway Representatives

  • 2010-2012 Linda Tyler (45th district)
  • 2010-?? David Meeks
2012 Map of AR House Districts


Conway is primarily in the 35th district.


Conway Senators

  • Gilbert Baker


Federal Government



Conway is in the 2nd congressional district (AR2)