Films by Conwegians (or in Conway)

The Natural State of America is a documentary film about residents of the Ozark Mountains struggle against the large scale use of Herbicides to clear utility right-of-way.  The documentary not only provides the history of a particular time-period and the struggle of a group of Arkansans, but it also provides good information and context about the impact of these herbicides.  Directed by Terrell Case, Timothy Wistrand, and Corey Gattin. Written and Produced by Brian C. CampbellThe trailer is available online.

Seed Swap is a documentary following Brian Campbell in a conversation about seed swaps, agricultural heritage, and the long history of saving and swapping seeds around Arkansas.  This documentary is primarily focused on a seed swap in Mountain View Arkansas.  More information about the documentary is available on their website.


History about Art Events in Conway


ArtsFest takes place in late summer / early fall each year, and generally lasts about 5 days. Events take place all over downtown Conway.

Remember to check out the upcoming events around Conway by checking out the Events section of the main page.


Conway ArtWalk

Conway ArtWalk is hosted on the third Friday of every month. It is a chance to see what artists are doing in the city of Conway, and to buy art from local makers. Notable members include Lauren Russell of Punknpatch, Cyndi Minister of the Twisted Purl, and Chris Massingill.