Eating vegetarian in Conway can be challenging. Creativity and flexibility is a must. However, most places will accommodate if you request it.

  • Pescetarian

If your options include fish, there are many catfish places available, and most BBQ places become an option.

  • Vegetarian

Vegetarian options are limited, however, places like Michelangelo's and Mike's, Faby's, and other Italian Restaurants in town are options.

Layla's and Blackwood's do versions of middle eastern food, which has lots of vegetarian options.

Zaza's, Michelangelo's has a veggie pasta spicy dish, faby's does veggie fajitas well and veggie tacos, mean bean has good veggie burritos, panera has a veggie sandwich.

Einstein Brothers Bagels in UCA student center is now operating - they have hummus and veggie bagel sandwiches.

Oak Street Bistro has a great black bean soup and pasta veggie dish.

Sai Gon Cuisine (305 E Oak St) - a  combination of Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese - has an abundance of delicious vegetarian options.

  • Vegan

Though there are not currently any vegan restaurants in Conway, there are a couple of places that can accommodate vegans. Two of them are:

Sai Gon Cuisine (305 E Oak St) - many dishes can be ordered with tofu, just make sure no fish sauce is used.

Zaza's (1050 Ellis Ave) - apparently the Garden pizza is still pretty good without the cheese; plus there are great salads.