The Conway Wiki is a space for the people of Conway (Conwegians) to tell the story about what makes our city unique. It has the potential to tell the collective story of Conway.  At the same time it provides us a valuable resource for everything from what makes life fun like bicycle routes to local producers.  This is a tool to help us remain engaged in our communities, able to find people with similar interests, and to more easily find information that relates to where we live.

Why you should wiki..

Businesses should wiki to provide the basic information on their business in a space that lets their customers connect it to the cities identity and share about their interactions.  Read more about the wiki from a local business perspective, find or add your page and let folks know you're here (on Facebook, Twitter, and in your business).  If you see lists in the page where you should be, for example Restaurants add your name to the list and link to your page.

Start-ups can use the wiki to make the necessary information for a healthy startup ecosystem easily accessible. Help us out by linking to the wiki in your blog or site and our community becomes increasingly visible as a startup community.  This site will also service you in recruiting talent because it increases livability and makes it easy to learn about community assets like parks, schools, etc.  Most of all it has the potential to keep startups connected and make accessing services from and by locals easier.  Make a page for your company and add a link to the startup page.

Local Government is encourage to use this as a platform to distribute information and engage citizens. 

Citizens are all the people above and more.  In the end the wiki is entirely a creation of the people of Conway.  As the users and creators of the wiki please roam around, add pages for the places you visit that don't exist, the parks you go to, your school or work - add and edit away!  If you're not sure how to get started check out the guide.