Corvallis has numerous LGBTQ+ resources for their community, both for youth and adults. This ranges from online community, event lists, and groups/clubs. These resources provide information, places of safety, and events for the LGBTQ+ community to get involved in.

Groups and Organizations:

  • BRAT: Basic Rights Action Team: Activist group that focuses on creating a legally safer environment for LGBTQ+ people.

  • CSC: Community Service Consortium is a state designated community action agency. They aid in daily needs, such as food, housing, as well as skill-building for the future.

  • Jackson Street Youth Service: Jackson Street is a safe place for homeless queer youth to stay until their situation is safe to return to.

  • LBCC GSA: Linn-Benton Community College's Gender and Sexuality Alliance, it meets once a week at noon on Fridays and can be attended by students, teachers, and alumni.

  • OSU Pride Center: OSU Pride Center is an on-campus resource for queer youth and OSU students. It strives for advocacy and support for the community.

  • Out 'N' About: Out 'N' About is a youth group that meets weekly, allowing high school students to come to a safe place and learn about queer related subjects, and go to nearby events. -

  • PFLAG: 'Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays' (PFLAG) is a national organization that prioritizes a safe place for LQBTQ+ people. They meet once a month, having guided discussions and making moves towards a safer community.

  • Rainbow Continuum: OSU's LGBTQ+ group,  it meets once a month usually. It provides a space and opportunity for LGBTQ+ people to meet and socialize. You can find out more about them at OSU's Pride Center

  • SOL: SOl is another group, which takes place at the Pride Center.

  • VAIN: Valley AIDS Information Network is a nonprofit corporation run by volunteers. It aims to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, STI's, and Hepatitis-C by sharing education and support programs. They also provide support to people living with HIV/AIDS, their families, and their caregivers.

Drag Scene:

Corvallis has an active drag scene for a town of it's size. There are local drag queens, such as Lucielle S. Ballz, Dharma, leader of the 'Haus of Dharma' and Bela De Luna. Drag events include Dam Right Drag Night, OSU drag shows, LBCC drag shows and others.



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