School presidents

The position of President was created in 1865. From 1868 to 1929 the president reported to the institution's own Board of Trustees/Regents. Since the creation of the Oregon University System (OUS), the president has reported to the OUS chancellor.

List of presidents: William A. Finley (1865–1872) Joseph Emery (1872, acting) Benjamin L. Arnold (1872–1892) John D. Letcher (1892, acting) John M. Bloss (1892–1896) H. B. Miller (1896–1897) Thomas M. Gatch (1897–1907) William Jasper Kerr (1907–1932) George Wilcox Peavy (1932–1934, acting) (1934–1940) Frank Llewellyn Ballard (1940–1941) Francois Archibald Gilfillan (1941–1942, acting) August Leroy Strand (1942–1961) James Herbert Jensen (1961–1969) Roy Alton Young (1969–1970, acting) Robert William MacVicar (1970–1984) John V. Byrne (1984–1995) Paul G. Risser (1996–2002) Timothy P. White (2003, acting) Edward John Ray (2003–present)