The perfect reading spot for students attending either the University of Copenhagen or the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. It is located in the heart of copenhagen's "latin district" and it offers a cozy environment to all book lovers.  It has a great selection of entrees and coffees so that you can eat dinner or hangout in a study group for an hour or so. Being surrounded by 1,000s of books gives cafe goers the feeling that they are being surrounded by years of history. It is a conducive environment for studying, being creative, or just grabbing a bite to eat.


Cafe Paludan was founded in the late 1990s  when the owner had the idea of converting the bookstore into a cafe. The bookstore had been in this location in Copenhagen since the 1800s. This is what makes Cafe Paludan so special. It has 4 big rooms filled with books and tables for dinning. But in addition to the obvious dinning rooms, what most visitors don't know is that the basement of the cafe is accessible and is filled with antique books dating back to the 1800s. Additionally, the door to the basement is inscribed with the name "Eric Paludan"; the founder who used to live upstairs and look after the library. This is how the cafe got its name. The bookstore is located near the University of Copenhagen because it was designed to offer books to students at discounted prices. Now many students say that Cafe Paludan is their favorite place to study. 


The cafe gets around 300-500 people in the cafe every day, and more on the weekends. It is nearly impossible to get a table on a Saturday afternoon, but it is a great place to get brunch and of course most tables are free on Sunday night. You are also to free to roam the amazing book collection while you eat. Some of the books are permanently owned by the cafe and others are available for sale. 

Opening ​​hours :

Mon - Fri: 9.00am - 22.00 pm

​​Saturday: 10.0 am - 22.00 pm

​Sunday: 10.00 am - 22.00 pm



Cafe Paludan provides an intimate, cozy environment to read, study, or share a meal with friends. The Cafe is normally filled with people of all ages, and locals and tourists alike. Its low key atmosphere allows visitors to slow the daily rush of the city down, while still being in the middle of the Copenhagen.  


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