The outside of the Living Room Cafe on the corner of Larsbjørnsstræde and Studiestræde 

The Living Room Cafe

The area of downtown Copenhagen is not lacking in the department of coffee shops, cafes and tea houses. However, one that has an extremely unique feel is the Living Room Cafe.   If you're looking for a quiet, comfortable place to study, read the newspaper, or even discuss the newest episode of Game of Thrones, the Living Room Cafe is the place for you.  Located right on the corner of Larsbjørnsstræde and Studiestræde in downtown Copenhagen, The Living Room Cafe can be the perfect place to escape from the cold streets and warm up with a decently priced latte. The great thing about the Living Room cafe is that it can easily be accessed by Danish Institute for Study Abroad Students as well as students studying at the University of Copenhagen. The close proximity to both these academic institutions allows for a mixing of students and an array of intriguing, diverse conversations.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday 9-23

Friday 9-02

Saturday 10-02

Sunday pm 10-19


Contact Information

Larsbjørnsstræde 17

1454 Copenhagen K

33 32 66 10



The Living Room Cafe, used to be called Roberts Coffee and was founded in 2002 by "Frank Z," but changed it's name in 2009. Although the products changed slightly, as The Living Room now offers an array of fresh juices, but the ownership and hippie, "chill," vibe, remained the same. As owner Frank stated, his goal with the Living Room was to provide people with a really comfortable area to relax and hang out, while offering healthy and a different array of treats. Previously, the basement of Roberts Coffee consisted of the Moroccan Tea room which was preserved when the shop transition into the Living Room. Additionally, there is a homey fireplace (the biggest one in all of Copenhagen) on the bottom level of the Living Room, next to the Moroccan Tea room which gives off a warm and inviting glow, and this used to be a baking oven about a century ago. The furniture of the Living Room gives off a vintage feel, as the chairs and couches are from the 50s and 60s. 


Distinct from other cafes in the area, the Living Room has a bright upstairs area where one can order their hot drink, smoothie, organic juice or one of the many pastries or sandwiches that the Living Room offers. On the second floor, there are tables that look out on the street, offering a nice place for people to read and do work with the natural light coming off from outside. Once you enter downstairs, the ambiances changes, and the rooms are decorated with vintage furniture, adorned with decorative pillows. The third level might not be the best place to do work since it is quite dark, but nonetheless it is very cozy and a great space to engage in a conversation with a peer, or sit back and read leisurely by candle light. Around the corner in the basement is the "Moroccan Tea Room," which is a little bit off to the side and another quiet area where you will frequently see friends enjoying a hot drink and conversation.