cuwiki bookmark version 1
October 2012

CU Wiki began in 2011-2012 with an adhoc committee that met in Champaign or Urbana public library every month to talk about how to do it.  The idea was to complement what is available online about the local area -- and link to that content -- using a "website about the Champaign-Urbana area that anyone can edit," as the tagline says.  And the idea is to grow, collect, link to all kinds of local content, since C-U is getting 1 gig internet speeds over the next few years via UC2B.

During Fall 2012, two Community Informatics classes at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science helped develop the wiki by adding content and doing outreach.  The classes worked on outreach and creating content and made a guide to help others join in.

Do you want to add to and edit the CU Wiki and want tips on making and editing pages? See Help.

CU Wiki is very preliminary.  Watch it growing on the dashboard page!

If you are someone looking for direction, instruction, or actual people to collaborate with - see how to join the CU Wiki initiative!

Watch for the bookmark around town (see below), outside LIS 344, 501 E Daniel, C, or download a sheet of them and get 'em out yourself.

Two posters below can also be used for outreach.  Have fun :-)

This poster relates to two pages about the two cities -- which rules? by Karen B.

Poster made for public outreach at Lincoln Square Mall, October 2012, by Laura M.