The Boneyard Arts Festival is an annual festival hosted by 40 North | 88 West (the Champaign County Arts Council) and sponsored by the News Gazette and Krannert Center.  

It is a four day long event in April that celebrates ALL art in the local community.  The goal is to promote community collaboration by bringing together local artists and businesses.  The festival has over 100 locations across Champaign County (cafes, businesses, libraries) and features the work of several hundred local artists of all ages and all levels of training.  

As written on the event webpage, the goals of the festival are to:
*provide opportunities for artists of all disciplines, media and levels of expertise to share and sell their work with the greater community and its visitors
*demonstrate the value of collaboration among individuals, organizations and businesses
*illuminate the economic impact of the arts on local business
*demonstrate the effectiveness of utilizing art to increase foot traffic in and around participating venues, as well as to enhance the environment in public and private spaces
*promote the cultural vibrancy of our community -- a great place to live and visit * bring students, residents and visitors together through the arts
*provide an occasion, through the arts, to both express and reflect upon who and what we are as individuals and as a community
*celebrate the many unique cultural traditions within Champaign County"

Visit the webpage for more information about this event.  Or follow the facebook page (be sure to check out the amazing photographs of past years' festivals!)