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The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books is a professional publication that publishes reviews of books for children ages birth-18 and professional resources for school and public librarians. It is affiliated with the Center for Children's Books in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at University of Illinois. The Bulletin is published once a month every month except in August. It annually releases a list of the Bulletin Blue Ribbons for the year's best book's for children and young adults.

Awards and Lists

Bulletin Blue Ribbons- The year's best books for children aged birth to 18, separated into three lists of picture, fiction, and non-fiction. The 2013 list   included 13 fiction, eight picture, and nine non-fiction recipients. 

Stellar Series- A list of the best series books (3 or more published) that have been reviewed by the Bulletin within the past year. The 2012 list included 6 series for grades 4-12.

Review Key

All books reviewed are assigned one of seven designations:

  • R*- Strongly recommended
  • R- Recommended
  • Ad- Additional material if needed
  • M- Marginal
  • NR- Not recommended
  • SpC- For special collections
  • SpR- For special readers


The Bulletin is staffed by its editor, Deborah Stevenson, assistant editor, Kate Quealy-Gainer,  and six reviewers. Additional Bulletin work is done by a graduate assistant enrolled in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science and volunteers who sort and process incoming mail and deliveries.


The Bulletin reviews newly published books (no reprints) from major and independent publishers. The Bulletin does not review text books, electronics, toys, or visual media. Review copies should include a publication slip or letter to the editor that contains:

  • Page count
  • ISBN
  • Publication Date, including month of publication
  • Contact information

Books that fail to include this information fall to the bottom of the very busy priority list of incoming books to sort and process. For more information on submissions requirements see The Bulletin's submissions page.

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