Busey Woods is directly north of Crystal Lake Park. It is a preserved section of the Big Grove, a forest that once took up most of northern Urbana. It is 59 acres and includes several hiking trails, mostly stemming from a boardwalk loop around the northern part of the woods. The trails also extend south of the area with the boardwalk. It is a popular place for birdwatching, photography, and nature study. It has seasonal ponds that appear in wet seasons and disappear in dry ones.

The trails are excellent for walking or hiking, although they are not very long due to the size of the area. The boardwalk makes for a short and easy walk, even without solid hiking shoes. Other trails are just cleared brush or dirt paths that branch off, which may be more appealing for amateur hikers looking for a more hands-on nature experience without leaving town. Be aware that the dirt trails get muddy easily, so appropriate footwear is more of an issue on these. Like most of central Illinois, the terrain here is flat, but the natural surface trails are perfect for a brief escape into the forest. There does not appear to be a published mileage for the trails, but this writer estimates about two miles altogether.

Bird species you may encounter in Busey woods include robins, bluejays, and several kinds of sparrows as well as nuthatches, warblers, owls, hawks, and downy or red-bellied woodpeckers. You will also encounter squirrels and chipmunks.