The Central Black Student Union supports African-American students in the residence halls, serve and assist Black Student Unions in the residence halls, and meet the needs of supporting organizations and the campus wide community.

This “lasting legacy” that exists on the current UIUC campus is an array of over 30 organizations that “sprang” from the BSA. One of these organizations is the Central Black Student Union (CBSU) of the UIUC. The Central Black Student Union is the umbrella organization for the black student unions that exist at each Undergraduate Residence Hall on the UIUC campus. Beautiful and Together Sisters (B.A.T.S.) is the BSU for the Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall. Ebony Umoja means Black Unity and is the BSU for Illinois Street Residence Halls. Eusa Nia means Black Purpose and it is the BSU for Allen Residence Hall. Ewezo translated means Black Power and serves the needs of the students of Florida Avenue Residence Halls. Ma’at which means, the laws of God by which the universe was created is the BSU for Champaign Residence Halls. Mariama which means gift from God caters to the needs of the women of Busey-Evans Residence Hall. Salango, which means we come together to create something beautiful out of love is the BSU for Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls.


"Central Black Student Union: Is it Still Needed in 2006?" by EPS 500_06-01 via eBlackCU