Champaign, IL



What makes Champaign so great!? This is a page for this die-hard Champaign side fans. 

There seems to be some sibling-like rivalry between Champaign and Urbana,  Clearly they each have their perks and when united, create one great Chambana, but at the end of the day Champaign is better and this page is proof why:  

1. Champaign has the best food (and drink) in the area including:

2. Campus Town is located in Champaign

3. Taxes are lower in Champaign

4. There is more middle-class housing in Champaign:

5. Champaign's population is growing faster

6. There are more schools in Champaign

7. There are more businesses in Champaign

8. All of the movie theaters are in or closer to Champaign

9. Champaign has a more modern and exciting downtown area.

10. Champaign houses the Illinois Terminal and Willard Airport, both key if you ever want to leave the area.

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