The Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab is an open and collaborative workshop space for computer-driven innovation, design and fabrication. We enable makers of all kinds to imagine, design and create using open source software and DIY equipment. We do this by working with a local and international network to actively cultivate public engagement through community-focused art, entrepreneurship, research and education.

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The Fab Lab at Heartland Maker Fest 2014! 

The Fab Lab team was out at the Heartland Maker Fest showing off the projects they are currently working on. Talking with one of their staff members, Chin, he told us about one volunteer who is working on creating a part for their Taz 3D printer that would allow for a two-color print. This would be an exciting step for their 3D printers since currently you can only use one color filament for a print.The Fab Lab info board along with past projects. Heartland Maker Fest 10/18/2014

Staff members Colton and Jessica were showing off their planet creation, which takes advantage of their digital embroidery machines. What was extra special about this project was that the team used conductive silver thread so when you put two fingers on planet earth and then touched other planters, they made a sound. We learned from Jessica that using beeswax on this thread actually helps it stay nice and tight for optimal results. 

Colton showing off the embroidered planet creation. Heartland Maker Fest 10/18/2014The Fab Lab info board along with past projects. Heartland Maker Fest 10/18/2014


As various of the Fab Lab members at the event said: "Design as far or as little as you want," but this is only possible if you check them out first!