The Community of Urbana Cooperative Housing (COUCH) is a non-profit cooperative housing organization that supports and seeks to expand the cooperative movement in Urbana, Illinois. COUCH offers low-cost housing options in a friendly, community-oriented environment. Our members not only share the same roof, but also share the responsibilities of maintaining the house. If you live in the Champaign-Urbana area, and are interested in the co-op experience, COUCH may be right for you!

For more info, see the COUCH website.

COUCH properties are owned by NASCO, a larger cooperative which helps manage co-op properties across North America. COUCH is largely autonomous from NASCO - they give us an emergency fund, and $12k+ to spend on maintenance of the properties each year, but we are largely free to do what we want with the houses and properties!

Currently, there are two houses affiliated with COUCH: Brooks (505 West Green St), Harvest House (702 West Washington St.).