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In 2009, 15-year old Kiwane Carrington was shot and killed by police officer Dan Norbits. 

Carrington's Death

Police were called to a scene on suspicion of a break in. Officer Dan Norbits and Chief RT Finney said that Carrington and another boy did not obey their commands to get down. The state attorney ruled that Norbits' gun accidentally went off while he was trying to hold Carrington down. Carrington died at the Carle Foundation Hospital at 2:16 pm Friday Oct. 9, 2009. His death was ruled an accident and charges were not filed against Norbits. 

Officer Dan Norbits

Officer Dan Norbits was placed on administrative leave immediately after Carrington's death. He was then assigned to administrative, off-street duties. In 2010, he was placed on stress-related leave; in 2011, he began to receive worker's compensation, and in 2013, was approved to receive a disability pension. Although a report found that the shooting was accidental, it also stated that Norbits mishandled his gun. He is no longer employed by the city. For more information about Norbits (including his pay), click here

Lasting Effects

In 2014, The News-Gazette published several articles about the lasting effects of Carrington's death on the Champaign-Urbana community. To read them, click here and here. The newspaper also published a photo series about Carrington's death.