Dr. G's BrainWorks is a local store run by Phyllis Gingold and her husband, Dr. William Gingold, the original "Dr. G".  The first thing you will notice when you walk into their store is that it's unlike any game store you've probably ever seen before, and it's a far cry from the game isle at larger big-box store.  A foot in the door you will be warmly greeted by the owner and the friendly staff, who can direct  you to games you did not even know existed.  All of the games that they supply are carefully vetted by the Gingolds and their knowledgeable staff, who have backgrounds in education, psychology, and who share a love of high quality games.  Each game is organized by "sensory perception, language, motor skills, science and engineering" and other "brain fitness" categories, and the staff is highly invested in learning how to adapt their games to different conditions such as autism, dyslexia, ADHD, and stroke victims, to name a few.  Games are available for ALL ages! To be "Dr. G Approved" each game must be:

  • award winning
  • high quality
  • cognitively stimulating
  • multi-sensory
  • interactive
  • timeless
  • unique
  • creative
  • challenging
  • FUN!

The Gingolds' main goal is to collaborate with the community, through outreach and welcoming the community into their store.  They host birthday parties, game dates, and have a rotating library of games you can play at any time in their store.  They also collaborate with the libraries,  local schools, and various organizations to provide quality outreach to their community.

How did it all begin?  Dr. William Gingold would travel to larger cities and see stores like Sharper Image, and while Champaign-Urbana prides itself on being progressive, it did not have a unique game store!  At age 75 he decided to take the plunge and, after a lot of research, he opened the first store in Lincoln Square on November 9th, 2013.  Currently their only store location is located  at Market Place Mall.  What sets this store apart is the quality, customer service, and thoughtful choices that go into each and every game that they sell.  When people come into the store they like what they see, and they come back.  Stop in and you'll see what I mean!


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210 Market Place Shopping Center

2000 N. Neil St

Champaign, IL 61820


Market Place Mall
Mon-Sat: 10-9pm
Sunday: 11-6pm

(217)-355-0093 Champaign
[email protected]

Dr. William Gingold ("Dr. G")

Phyllis Gingold

9 November, 2013 (Urbana)
1 July, 2014 (Champaign)


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