The Eddie Albert Gardens are located in Dodds Park between Parkland College and North Mattis Avenue. 

Seasonal Plots

There are 124 garden plots available.  Plots come in two sizes: 20’ by 20’ or 20’ by 30.’  A limited number of raised plots are available for gardeners with disabilities.  Plot costs for the 2012 gardening season for park district residents are $25 for the 20’ by 20’ plots and $30 for the 20’ by 30’ plots.  Non-resident rates are $37.50 and $45.00 respectively.

The park district disks and tills the plots in the spring.  Any additional tilling is the plot renter’s responsibility.  Gardeners may choose to fertilize their gardens throughout the growing season.  Gardeners may use organic or inorganic products.  The gardening season officially starts on or around April 2 and ends October 21st.  Plot renters must clear out their plot by then so the park district can make the gardens ready for the next season.

Year Round Plots

Year round garden plots are also available on a limited basis.  These plots are located along the south section (plots 1-26) of the gardens.  Gardeners who rent year round plots are responsible for 100% of the preparation and cleanup responsibilities associated with their gardens.  Year round plots are 20’ by 20’ and cost $30 for residents and $45 for non-residents for the entire year, January 1—December 31.

Garden Amenities:

  • A porta-potty
  • A picnic table near the parking lot for breaks
  • Hoses and spigots conveniently located near each plot for watering
  • Mulch and compost piles on the east edge of the gardens

How can I rent a plot?

Gardeners can register for plots at the Bresnan Meeting Center.

Bresnan Meeting Center

706 Kenwood Rd.

Champaign, IL 61821

Phone: (217) 398-2550