Solid Waste Collection

Champaign City ordinance requires every household to sign up for weekly solid waste pick-up.  All solid waste (trash, recyclables, etc.) collection in the City of Champaign is handled by private solid waste haulers who are licensed.

Curbside Recycling

City ordinances provide for curbside recycling to all citizens who live in a single to four-plex residence. This service is provided by the waste hauler who is required to provide recycling as part of basic service and must accept the following materials:

  • newspaper
  • glass jars or bottles
  • tin cans
  • aluminum cans
  • HDPE plastic containers (#2)

Haulers must provide curbside collection of recyclables at least once a week and can not count materials toward the “per container cost” of service. Information about additional recycling accepted (such as additional plastic #'s) and what is actually done with the recycling once it is picked up is provided in the notes below and in the "Recycling policy" on individual services wiki pages.

Compost Pickup

Champaign-Urbana does not currently have a compost pick up for food waste, but they do pick up Yard Waste on a fixed schedule. See the schedule forChampaign or Urbana.


Use this page to record available waste pick up services.  Please edit this page and add your own entries! Instructions below.


Name Phone City Price for 1 can Lawn waste Recycling notes
ABC Sanitary Hauling 217-356-0909 Both

$22/mo BYO 32gal OR $32/mo provided 64gal OR $39/mo provided 96gal

$3.50/bag All plastic #'s
Advance Disposal 217-345-7404 Both $21/mo provided 96gal trash / 64gal recycling City pickup only Not plastic #6. One truck in separate containers.
AREA Disposal Service, Inc. 217-893-3675
Both $25/mo + $2 env fee provided 90gal trash (with refundable $50 deposit) / BYO recycling can

City pickup


All plastic #'s. Separate truck for recycling.
Chris' Service Co 217-684-2465 Urbana only      
Cook’s Sanitary 217-493-1232 Both $18/mo BYO can $12 / 5 stickers "No plastics" are accepted. 
Dale Levitt Disposal 
(aka AAAA All Waste Disposal,  Dependable Refuse & Recycling)
217-344-3000 Urbana only      
Hayden Sanitary 217-356-0216       Called on Jan 26th, 2016. Answering machine.
Illini Recycling 217-356-0648
$21/mo BYO can OR
$23/mo provided 96gal 
$3/sticker (bag), on demand All plastic #'s via separate truck. Free recycling drop off available.
MCI Services 217-337-6301 Both $25/mo BYO 94gal  As needed Operator didn't know which plastics accepted.
Mel's Disposal 217-346-2660       Called on Jan 26th, 2016. Answering machine.
Republic Services 217-367-2278 Both $234.74 quarterly; provided 95gal trash / BYO recycling  (updated June 2020) $25/mo + fees, on demand (probably out of date) Accept aerosol cans, but not plastic #6,7. One truck in separate containers.
Shaffer’s Sanitary Company 217-367-7119 Both $17/mo BYO up to 65gal   All plastic #'s. One truck with separate containers.


Additional information for Champaign

Additional information for Urbana (including a pricing sheet)


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