"It's all about the wood" according to Jerry Rhoads Woodturning. This vendor creates unique pieces for the home and outdoors using specialty/exotic or reclaimed wood turned on a lathe. Ink pens, wine and bottle stoppers, salt and pepper shakers, bowls, and decorative lighthouses are some of the many items available for purchase. All dishes are safe for use with food.

Jerry has been woodturning for most of his adult life and has seriously done this craft the past 12 years. He was a carpenter by trade, and this slowly turned into woodturning. From St. Joseph, IL, Jerry and his wife, Diane, spend every weekend from April until the end of November at markets such as the Urbana one, selling wood turned pieces. In 2014, this will be the couple's tenth year of selling. In addition to markets, the couple also go to art shows. When not in show season, the couple relaxes during January through March and Jerry usually tries to build up his stock. 

Wood turning is an art and each piece of wood has the chance to reveal something beautiful. Some of the most interesting pieces come from burl wood (a growth on a tree, that is usually unattractive). Jerry likes woodturning because the piece takes shape quickly. He likes to experiment and had several bowls that were not symmetrical or flat. The fastest selling item this season is definitely the colored pizza cutter or ice cream scoop. Jerry buys this wood pre-colored, the wood was dyed and then laminated. 

Some of Jerry's bowls More of Jerry's bowls, including ones using burl wood (two on left)Popular item -- ice cream scoops! 

Contact Jerry at (217) 840-2287 or [email protected].

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