"Kunstwurfelspiel" or a German name variation meaning art dice game only begins to describe the exciting work in creative coding that is part of R. Scott Wennerdahl initiative to bring people together creatively with art and computers.

In talking face-to-face with Mr. Wennerdahl, he described his work as using creative computer coding to create "art," which includes interactive stories, games, and even musical composition  of many different types. He also promotes his use of code as a way to help increase coding as a form of literacy in this undoubtedly technological growing world.

With an Master's degree in Art Education, Wennerdahl at first was not sure what his form his brand of art should take, but as he taught preschoolers and attended classes on the art of coding, he began to see the major possibilities of teaching and expanding his passion beyond to share with many. Certainly in hearing his past experiences, he knows how to teach and inspire others of all ages. Many kids positively swarmed to his computer monitor-Look at the images! 

For this work is not simply using a mouse to create lines, but the lines and shapes come from code, math mindset, and command structures that follow rules that still allow a great amount of creativity. He makes representational and also abstract pieces, but using a program such as  Processing (Java based) he can also create animated works that beautiful geometric conceptions.

One of the most interesting elements of this grand display of skill, but also trial and error creative process involved in all the different software programs. All the software includes Scratch, ACS Logo, HTML5, Inform7, ContentFree, Nodebox(Python based), and Processing (Java based). All these applications are freely downloadable and as a writer who remembers loving playing around creatively on programs like Kid Picks, these tools are wonderful resources. Check it out!

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Email: [email protected] Phone: 217-714-4435 Facebook: Kunstwurfelspiel Academy