Makerspace Urbana started five years ago in 2009. It is an open community lab. It is family-friendly and anyone can come in, socialize, and work on their projects. While at the Makerspace, you can get advice on your own projects, or you can help others with their projects. They have several workshops throughout the year. In the past, some have included brewing your own beer, pewterworks, robots, and so much more.

Their major event for the year is their Summer Make-cation. The offerings at the Summer Make-cation change each year depending on who volunteers to offer a class. There is a small fee involved to pay for materials.

The mascot of the makerspace is the squirrel. When they received their first 3D printer, they just started playing around and creating squirrels. Before they knew it, squirrels had taken over the makerspace. Squirrels can now be seen photobombing makerspace photos, arranged throughout the makerspace or around town on makerspace stickers.

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厄尔巴纳手工者空间 工作室始于2009年,它面向社区开放,你可以带着家人或者朋友一起来。如果你是新人的话,你可以到这里来学习自己想做的东西,得到专业人士的指导,你也可以帮助别人关于他们的所做的东西。他们每年都有好几场不同的创意展示,过去,有人曾经自己发酵过啤酒,制造锡器,机器人等等。附近的青少年和成年人有不少人参加他们的活动。他们不以盈利为目的,你可以自己带材料来,也可以以成本价从他们那里买材料,而且有很多材料本身都是废旧物品。他们的网址是:



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