Monet and the Waterlily Friends

A user of the Fab lab and with a background in preschool art and graphic design, creator Judiee began this project to help educate about the world of art and artists!

Her project began by creating a picture book about the artist of Claude Monet. She wanted the book to show the art experience presented through her own art style. Her book is able to be read by preschoolers, but also it works to bring together the young readers with parents and teachers.

Her book, which can be better seen on her Facebook or Kickstarter page(see link below) and it is created through both a mixture of Photoshop and watercolor painting.

Help fund Judiee's efforts by visiting her Kickstarter project


Judiee's Portfolio


Email: [email protected]

Judiee is so glad for the wide range of support from the UIUC and Champaign community. Be sure to check out her work both here at the Maker fair, but also in a future gallery show at the Illini Union.

She hopes to create more books in the future by building more interest and talking to publishers. Best of luck to Judiee!! 





为Judiee的努力提供赞助可以通过访问她的Kickstarter project

电子邮件:[email protected]

Judiee为UIUC和香槟社区的广泛支持感到高兴。请确信去制作者市场或这里来检查她的工作,将来也会在Illinoi Union进行画展。