PACA, or the Preservation and Conservation Association, is a rad organization that seeks to preserve, protect and enhance Champaign County's historic built environment. Often the organization salvages old buildings for doors, windows, toilets, knobs and anything else you can find under the roof of a home. The warehouse is open from 10 - 4 Tuesday to Friday. Wednesday until 7 and Saturday 9-12. You can buy some of these items at the PACA Warehouse in Downtown Champaign at Washington St. and Walnut St. The staff and volunteers are friendly, knowledgable and  offer free coffee Wednesday night and Saturday!

There are also great volunteer opportunities where you can help salvage a home, provide web development, or reach out to communities and schools on PACA's efforts. 

It's great that we have PACA in the community. As their website says, "Brick and boards of old buildings . . . are an entryway into the community's collective memory."