Phoebe Lenear was born in Chicago into a family of singers and instrumentalists, the eighth of ten children. She holds B.S. and M.S. degreess in General Engineering (Mathematics and Human‐Computer Interaction), and a Ph.D. degree in Human Resource Education (Technology Education) from the University of Illinois. Since 1984 she has appeared with the University of Illinois Black Chorus as a signature voice, and is the featured soloist on the title song of the “Have Thine Own Way, Lord” compact disc. She is also a frequent featured artist for the UIUC Black Sacred Music Symposium and has appeared with noted artists, including the late Thomas Whitfield, V. Michael McKay. She has appeared in Daryl Pandyʹs gospel drama production, Iʹm Goinʹ In. She is married to Rev. Booth Lenear and has two sons. She is a member of Canaan Missionary Baptist Church of Urbana, where she serves as a worship leader and member of the Victory Chorale. She is currently educational programs manager at the Center on Emergent Behaviors of Integrated Cellular Systems (EBICS) at the University.

Phoebe was featured in Difference Makers 2010: An eBlack Champaign-Urbana Publication.

More information on Phoebe is available at her personal website.